Resilient and future ready organization

Climate aligned growth

Equitable services and opportunities

Homes for all

Resilient and future ready organization

Climate aligned growth

Equitable services and opportunities

Homes for all

2023-2027 Strategic Plan growing with care

Stories of care

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Where is our community heading?

Thousands of people in Waterloo Region helped us put together a road map for the community, called "Growing with Care." It’s all about caring for people and the land we share. Check it out here.  

2023-2027 Strategic Plan growing with care

To learn more about how we'll grow with care, click the buttons below. To hear stories of care in your community, scroll a bit further.

Stories from your community  

From prolonging the life of our landfill to reimagining paramedic services and investing in children and youth, here's what we worked on in 2023 to make life in Waterloo Region better for you.

Advancing affordable housing

The Region is prioritizing affordable housing, exceeding milestones in the Building Better Futures plan
a Kingscourt rendering

YKF: The fastest growing airport in Canada

The Region of Waterloo International Airport continues to soar
an image of planes lined up at night

Improving the wellbeing of people living with dementia

Sunnyside Home receives Butterfly Accreditation for their innovative approach
to care
an image of the interior of Sunnyside Home with brightly painted murals

Working to Improve Neighbourhood Safety

WINS is a peer-based needle recovery and harm reduction outreach program
image of a person walking down an alley

Children and youth in Waterloo Region

Cultivating belonging and wellbeing in our youngest residents 
an image of youth looking at a whiteboard

The Upstreamers

Meet the changemakers using Upstream Funding to transform our community for the better
An image of the 2023 Upstream Fund Recipients posing infront of artwork at Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum

Shared stories of strength and survival

McDougall Cottage explores “Resiliency”
an image of McDougall Cottage

Over 25 million riders rely on GRT in 2023

Service boosted to meet record-setting demand
a drone shot of a bus terminal

Building a sustainable community

Extending the life of the landfill and powering homes
a drone shot of the landfill

Community on board with e-bikes and e-scooters

Shared program provides new sustainable transportation option in Waterloo Region 
Image of two Neuron scooters parked next to the ION

Advancing Truth and Reconciliation

Paula Whitlow shapes our path forward as the first Director of Truth and Reconciliation
an image of Paula Whitlow sitting at a table

Working smarter, saving money

At the Region, we work in creative, innovative ways to give you better service and prepare for growth
an image of central Frederick neighbourhood

Paramedics’ innovative solutions to ensure timely patient care

Ensuring the community has access to timely and appropriate medical care is a top priority for Region of Waterloo paramedics
an image of two ambulances and a stretcher